Scott’s June Fishing Trip to Eagle Lake….Conclusion.

by Gord on June 27, 2011

Island on Eagle Lake

Island in the sun

Lodge and Boat House

Vermilion Bay Lodge and boathouse.

Walleye Chop

Walleye Chop

Vermilion Bay, Ontario

Sunset over Vermilion Bay Lodge, Eagle Lake

Nice Fish Wade!

Wade Setter with a nice Eagle Lake walleye

Reed Walleye

Walleyes in the reeds


Scott framed by the setting sun at the "Walleye Highway"

Fish, Relax, Unwind

Fish, Relax, Unwind

Sunrise on Eagle Lake

Sunrise in the porch of cabin 6 at Vermilion Bay Lodge

Well, the fishing trip to Eagle Lake is over.  Hopefully some great memories of the trip to Vermilion Bay Lodge will last until the June of 2012 rolls around!  Even the misadventure of Kerry’s trailer coming apart will be a part of the stories told about this June fishing trip to Eagle Lake.  And how did Kerry get his boat home?


Terry's Trailer

Kerry's new trailer

The old trailer was a write-off, so with a few phone calls to dealers (and the insurance agent) a new trailer is secured.  The Lund looks much better sitting on wheels rather than in the gravel!


Thanks to Scott and his group for being part of the good times at the lodge and for taking some great photos of their fishing trip to Eagle Lake!




It’s not too soon to plan your June fishing trip to Eagle Lake…



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