Lake Trout Trilogy…”The Conclusion”

by Gord on February 28, 2012

The final 2 days of lake trout fishing…

The day Chris and Nick leave is the annual Kinsmen ice fishing derby held just off of the Government Dock here in Vermilion Bay.  It generally does not involve catching many fish, but this year has an interesting twist of fate.


Participants in the derby....can you spot the conservation officer?


Susanne distracts the competition


Ol' Flabby....let me know when my face has as many rolls!

My hopes of winning are dashed when Shannon Elliot catches a nice lake trout!

That’s right.  After traveling miles in search of the “big one”, after fishing the deepest of the deep waters……..two minutes from the lodge and in 8 feet of water Shannon pulls up an 8 pound lake trout!


A very nice lake trout caught and released on Eagle Lake


 A few minutes of lake trout video from the derby…


Next day fishing for lake trout…


Women with fish


Susanne's fish


Pat & Sharon from Cedar Point Lodge

 Later in the afternoon after lake trout fishing we venture to Bottle Lake for ?…

You will want to turn up your volume on this video…

Sometimes it is good to not be snowshoeing across the lake at dusk…when the wildlife is frisky!


That’s the end of that four days of lake trout fishing.

Coming next…..Fishing with the “Polish Connection”….


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