Back “in the day”, Eagle Lake, Part one…

by Gord on November 13, 2013

All this talk about years past has me thinking back to when I first encountered Eagle Lake.  Rummaging through some old pictures I’ve come up with some vintage junk.  This first one will certainly bring on the comments, but this is about the time when I would have signed on to a summer job at Lindmeier’s North Shore Lodge on Eagle Lake, Ontario.  Sounded pretty exotic for a Winnipeg boy.  In the background my 1974 Beetle, which I bought new for $2995.00.



In the boat house at North Shore.  I could probably research the year on those Johnson’s, but 1980 might be a good guess.  Back then a 20 h.p. motor was on the cutting edge of speed and performance!  Apparently I am a traditionalist and have continued on with 20’s at VBL…..although Merc’s.


An interesting deal that was done at North Shore was an annual spring cleanup of shore-lunch spots on Eagle Lake.  The Lindmeier’s had the guides (I was one) take out the Eagle River School older kids in the spring to pick up trash.  This picture is one day’s worth of collecting….pretty amazing!  Fortunately, the habit of tossing your garbage seemed to be on the wane back then….and a lot of what we collected was pretty antique…  Interesting note…..the person on the far right is Susanne, who likely was “freshly arrived” at North Shore in her first year of work there.


Impressing Susanne with some big pike……I believe it worked!


….and how could she not be impressed!  Note the stubby beer bottle in the foam cooler deal…..things were so much simpler back then.  In fact, one of the checklists before you went guiding was to see how many beer the guest’s wanted for the day.  A few times the cooler (those old metal Pepsi coolers) had so many beer you could hardly lift them………..


Your typical fishermen….the Hamm group from Minneapolis.  They were constantly trying to get me in trouble……… by the way, if you’ve ever seen an old 16 foot Alumacraft from back in the day, it was little more than a wide canoe.  Somehow we managed to fit four of us, including all the beer and shore lunch gear……..and lived to tell the tale.


There it is.  My very first Eagle Lake musky……caught on the West side of Stanton Island.

Stay tuned for part 2…..more vintage crap from back in the day…including some early musky catches…….

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