Eagle Lake Fishing Report 5/23-5/27

by Dustin K on June 1, 2009

We arrived to Vermilion Bay Lodge after a 17 hour drive. It was our first time here, and we were excited to see what the next 4 days held.

We got into our cabins (very nice) and headed out to see this huge body of water. ‘Bama hooked into a nice smallie and we found a few pike and small walleye.


Ater dinner we headed back out to a spot Gord showed us, and began trolling for Walleye (and maybe a Lake Trout). On my first cast, I took 2 cranks, getting ready to troll, and there was a pull of the line and a swirl 40′ back. “Has to be a walleye to pull like that!”. Ok, I was wrong. I found on this trip, NOTHING pulls like a Lake Trout. This was my first laker ever, and what a first one….32″ & 11.5lbs. A lifetime fish for me (great story and lots of memories tied to catching it).
The trip was looking promising!



Eagle Lake Fishing Report

Sunday found us heading to Sportsman Bay. We got into some Northern and had a great shore lunch. Later in the day, I was able to land a nice 24″ walleye.

Eagle Lake really is a great body of water!

Because Tuesday was suppose to be bad weather, we headed over to Clearwater Lake on Monday. The channel had lot more curves in than Gord drew on the map, but we had fun driving through it. Within being there about 20 minutes we had 4 fish (Lakers / Northern). We also had a rain picking up pretty bad (I can’t believe Tuesday was going to be worse)! By 12:30 my boat was ready to go, but the other boat started to catch some lakers, so we thought we’d head over to them. After 4 hours, we were soaking wet, laughing at how much fun we were having, and sore from catching so many 20″+ lakers, 28″+ Northerns, Smallies, and Whitefish….this may be the most fun single day on the water in Canada, ever.


The rain was so hard we couldn’t even get our cameras out for pictures, but we did manage 1 of ‘Bama’s 30″ Northern. Luckly, we got a good shot back in the fish house. The ride back to camp was “interesting”. Big waves….lots of spray…..what a great time!




Eagle Lake Fishing Report Cont…..

We decided to head back to Clearwater Lake after lunch to see if lightning could strike twice. The weather was A LOT better on Tuesday (still glad we went Monday) but we had just as much fun. Lakers over 20″ were in the dozens and we had the lake to our-self. I don’t know if there is a spot for the place we fished (don’t worry, I’m not going to describe it here), but we named it “Hoosier Highway” after the last two days! We brought our limit of Lakers back for the freezer and the trip home.
We fished so hard on Tuesday, that we ran out of gas on the way back to the lodge. So, we had a beer, a smoke, and reflected on the last two days while the other boat went and got us a full can.

Wednesday was our last day…we were leaving after a day of fishing. ‘Bama and I decided to head into High-rock Lake and check it out for a bit. We were going to meet Jon & Brad for shore lunch on Clearwater before a bit more fishing.
High-rock looks like a great lake. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time there, but we each got a couple of Smallies. The pike fought much harder up there, and we had fun landing a nice 32″ that made several dives near the boat, peeling line each time. We needed to get back to Clearwater, and we met the guys for lunch. We had a great shore lunch at a great spot, and then went fishing the Highway for some nice Pike to bring home. We caught a few and several lakers again.

Gord, Suzanne, Mike: Thanks for a GREAT trip! You guys really do run a first-class operation. We all were impressed how there was someone at the dock to meet us, how the boats were mopped out, and warmed up in the mornings for us. Your hospitality in the lodge was great and we had so much fun. I don’t think I’ll have a reason to ever go anywhere else!
Gord, I’m going to be sending you a CD with a bunch of pictures for you. It will be hitting the mail later this week!


A Great Eagle Lake Fishing Report!  Thank you Dustin!

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