Walleye Madness… “the last day”

by Gord on July 23, 2014












Boat heading out on day 3 of the Walleye Madness tournament

Rules for the 2014 Walleye Madness Week are simple.  The competition started Monday morning and ends today (Wednesday) at 4:00 p.m.  Largest walleye released during the 3 days will be crowned the winner.  In the event of a tie, other walleyes released will be used to determine the champion.  “Keep you worms cool and your snells tight!” 

Let’s check out some of the action thus far:












Jen's 23IMGP2474IMGP2481IMGP2483IMGP2487IMGP2490


Martha's 25

bad storm not the sunGreg's 46 inch muskie

Tonight we reveal the winner at the awards night and pot luck dinner.  Perhaps a few cocktails, tall tales and well deserved prizes are the theme for tonight.

Sound like fun?  Consider 2015 to join in the 10th Annual Walleye Madness!  Can’t wait?  We still have a few openings for the Musky Madness Week coming soon….September 6-13.  Give us a call!


Looking regal with the stripes and spots of a top predator. Hand carved from Pine and painted
with acrylic by Vermilion Bay Lodge guest Charles Weiss.
Lots of sharp teeth re-created in the mouth.

A unique work of art and a wonderful memory of summer fishing on Eagle Lake.


The summer continues…

by Gord on July 21, 2014


Remember this picture of Bill Stan and his 42 inch northern?


well, this 42 inch pike was also caught the same day.  Thanks to Ed Bright and Bob Emley for emailing me the pic (Bob caught it).  Both very nice fish and great photos.  Both released to grow even bigger of course.IMG_0224

On a different note, you might remember the ice out contest that was run this winter.  Well the winner was Katie Perkis……..and here she is sporting some VBL wear as a reward for her winning guess.  That should put an end to the conspiracy theory started by Andy that I never follow through on prizes……….shame on you Andy!


….in the meantime dock hand Bryce had his hands full with the two Polish girls in camp.   Way to go Bryce……..you’re such a diplomat!!


…and since we’re on a tangent……here’s the end result of our recent road washout……..


…and finally, in our continuing efforts to improve VBL we are now offering an onsite swimming pool……..


This week we are in the midst of our 9th annual “Walleye Madness Week”.  Tonight is a bit rainy, but hard core anglers such as George Benger are determined to fight the elements……


Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion……


Chuck’s Musky: “the aftermath”

by Gord on July 12, 2014



It starts with the lure…..now how do these stories usually go?  “It was just after dinner when I decided to hunt the elusive ‘lunge.  It was going to be me against the beast.”


“It was over quickly.  I subdued the creature and captured his image.  He was back swimming the murk of Eagle Lake  forever to remember the name Charles Weiss”


I returned to the lodge a humble hero.  Here my admirers gazed longingly at the most recent entry in the VBL boathouse hall of fame.  Just another day in the saga of the musky hunter”


“In the lodge other musky men and women are riveted as the tale of my encounter with the beast is recounted near the warming glow of an open fire.  I demonstrate how I vanquished my foe.”


“Around steaming cups of mead my merry band of musky brothers peruse the ancient tomes of “Musky Hunter” searching for the meaning of musky fishing…“


“…only to discover cover art penned by Charles Weiss…….a hush falls over the room”


“…the bar wench delivers me some of the finest  lodge brew.  Most suitable to celebrate my victory over the beast, I join in the revelry.  Soon I must sleep…….”


“…but not before I must once again put quill to parchment and render the likeness of my drinking compatriots…Steve and Margie from Mukwonago Wisconsin.  Steve has seen 60 winters, and I wish him a good harvest….””


“…meanwhile the waves lap the shores of Favell Bay, and the musky plots his next move”  (editors note: The picture above is a simulation of the real Favell Bay.  Due to secrecy and privacy concerns the actually Favell Bay photo has been edited to protect the musky.  The weed, and Diane, are real.)


Well there you have it.  Is it about the fish or is it about the journey?  And is the journey the one on hands and knees back to the cabin after revelry in the lodge?  Who can really say.  That is the musky mystic.  The legend continues…


The past few weeks have been busy…..

by Gord on July 10, 2014





…for the duck family (thirteen babies!)


for the Triplett gang from Missouri catching and eating walleye (nice fish flipper Paul !)


a striking 42 inch musky caught by Gary Roholt…sweet!


a solo catch, photo and release by artist Charles Weiss.  Nice camera magic Chuckles!


Jim Andrzejewski with a dandy pike…


…Bill Stan with an “extra dandy” 42 inch pike.  Caught while fishing with guide Greg (www.eagleeyeguiding.com)


Dan Perkis holding Ed Perkis’s 49 inch musky monster caught trolling a crank bait on July 10.  Julia is impressed.  As usual, Ed catches musky every year in the same spot not far from the lodge…..now where could that be????


Of course it’s not all about the fishing, but getting together with family and introducing young kids to being on the lake and having fun.  It’s been fun, that’s for sure….now summer has arrived.  Fishing is good.  Why sit at home?


How high is the water momma?

by Gord on June 22, 2014

High enough to wash out the road last week and a minor washout again today!



…….and things are not much better down at the docks.  Fortunately the floating docks are accommodating our guests quite nicely.  The stationary docks are a bit wet though…….



Apparently things were so out of whack that “Teal River Brad” has started back on the bottle again…


Not all is in a shambles though.  Fishing has been great, and getting better by the day.  Some of the improvements to the camp and equipment include some new 4 stoke Yamaha 20’s (electric start) and another 18 foot upgrade boat with a 40 horse tiller.  The renovation to cabin 7 is looking good and ready to accept guests.  Check it out…….


…and the boats…….


So while it has been a challenging winter and spring, things are still moving ahead, and the fish are on the move as well!  If you’re still sitting on the fence about coming up fishing just give us a shout and we’ll get you out on the water.  With today being the first day of the musky season we wish everyone good luck.  Teal River Brad was fortunate enough to catch a 45 incher last week while trolling for walleye……..perhaps resulting in the above photo?

Did you know that all packages at VBL are 10% off in September?




Well, once again some of the same faces at the same time.  Scott Stroupe and his band of Merry Men (some actually wore tights!)  One notable absentee was Dave the “Walleye Wizard”.  Rumor has it his new girlfriend is wearing his pants…..leaving him too embarrassed to travel in his new wardrobe of purple hot pants and some old leisure suits from the ‘70’s.  Here’s a photo rendition of what happened during their week……




Sometimes interesting “non-fishing” things happen around here.  Take the case of Bailey the Irish Settler.  She was on her way to Red Lake with her family when they stopped at Bobby’s Corner for gas.  Being a very skittish dog she decided to bolt and ran off.  Posters were put up but after 6 weeks things were not looking very good for Bailey.  About a week ago Brent and Tracy (who run the Bayview Hotel…..official watering hole of the Musky Madness Week) were at their cabin in Favell Bay (about 2 miles south of VBL)…..this is a boat in access cabin…no road, where they caught a glimse of Bailey.  It took a week of leaving her food and a blanket on the deck to calm her down enough to be able to catch her.  Once on a leash she seemed relieved (albeit a bit shell-shocked) to be out of the wilderness…..and away from the wood ticks (she was covered!)  Good job Brent and Tracy for the rescue effort!  6 weeks alone in the bush would be scary.


What else?


So how many turtles does it take to fill up a log?


Based on early reports for the “Scott Stroupe” group, the fish are really biting!


It’s conjoined twins week at the lodge….or as we like to promote it…”Joined at the hip Madness Week”.  Wade and Terry relaxing with their siblings…..


Nobody likes to miss out on the Sunday night fish fry…..Jersey get’s herself in line.


Stay tuned for a fishing report from the Scott Stroupe group…….coming soon.


Early Season at it’s best!

June 6, 2014

It’s been a week since we’ve returned from our early season trip to VBL…and I already wish I was headed back up. I took my 2nd son up with me (I take my boys the summer they turn 9). We also had my father-in-law, a buddy I work with, a buddy from school and his [...]

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Until I get my post up…

June 3, 2014

…here are a few picture highlights from my week last week! Weather, fishing, company, hosts all were great! We all had a fantastic week. I even had a 5 species day (Trout, Walleye, Smallie, Pike, Whitefish), and the next day completed the Slam with a Perch. More detailed report to come, but until then, enjoy! [...]

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